Statement of Organization - Overview

The University Landscape Advisory Committee plays a key role in helping to preserve and enhance the unique character of the University’s outdoor spaces and attain high quality campus environments. The Committee, succeeding the Campus Landscape Advisory Committee established in 1970, is advisory to the Architectural Commission, the University Landscape Architect and the Associate Vice President of Facilities Services concerning design review of projects proposed for construction in relation to their influence on the outdoor environment. In addition, the Committee is involved in review and comment of University planning and other site related issues as may arise. While the major focus of the Committee’s responsibility is with the Seattle campus, it may also be called upon to advise on issues affecting other campuses and field stations when they are on the Architectural Commission agenda or as requested by location.  

The Committee is charged with the responsibility of reviewing significant matters relative to University planning and landscape design for new construction or renovation. Issues reviewed include, but are not limited to: site circulation for vehicles and pedestrians; parking location, screening and development; placement and selection of site furnishings, signage, and lighting; the location of memorial objects and public art; open space development and connectivity; preservation of existing and selection of new vegetation; irrigation performance; and conformance with the Campus Master Plan.  

In order to properly carry out this mission, the Committee is composed of faculty, staff and student representatives with specific interest and expertise in such areas as landscape architecture, botany, forestry, horticulture, architecture, art, urban design, planning and related fields. The Committee also includes design professionals from outside the University. In addition to its members, the Committee seeks advice and counsel from other faculty and professional staff with similar interests and abilities.

Advisory Responsibilities

The Committee shall serve in an advisory capacity either to the Architectural Commission for matters coming before the Commission, the University Landscape Architect for matters pertaining to landscape improvement projects, and the Associate Vice President of Facilities Services for matters pertaining to outside zone campus improvements.

Staff Assistance

Information and staff support for the Committee is provided through the Office of Planning and Budgeting.  Lead contact:  Kristine Kenney, University Landscape Architect,, 206-685-6430.  Administrative support:  Flip Wood, Administrative Specialist,, 206-543-4662.

History of ULAC

These documents show the history of the Committee.

1970 Letter Establishing the Committee

1977 Refinement of Responsibility

1990 Name Change

Officers of the Committee - Quorum - Meetings - Procedure

The faculty Committee member nominated by the Dean of the College of Architecture & Urban Planning shall be Chair of the Committee and preside at its meetings. In the absence of the Chair, the University Landscape Architect shall serve as interim Chair.   Seven voting members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Actions constituting Committee recommendations must secure the approval of a majority of those present. Those members not able to attend a meeting may send an alternate to represent them, however, the alternate does not count toward the quorum and does not have voting privileges.   The Committee shall meet quarterly and shall be scheduled to meet the week before the Architectural Commission meetings, whenever feasible. Sub-committee meetings can be scheduled as necessary at any time of the year. The Chair of the Committee is authorized to appoint sub-committees as necessary to act on behalf of the Committee, to expedite timely review, or to review small projects which would not otherwise be reviewed by the Committee.   Where it is necessary that formal procedures shall be followed in meeting of the Committee, they shall be governed by “Robert’s Rules of Order, latest revised edition.”

Term of Membership

Professional appointments are for a term of three years and may be extended for additional terms. When a vacancy occurs in the at-large, professional membership of the Committee before the term of appointment expires, the person appointed to fill the vacancy shall serve for the remainder of the unexpired term. Student memberships shall be for a term of one year. Members of the Committee may succeed themselves and may serve beyond the appointed term until a successor is appointed. Membership terms shall be staggered, in so far as is practical, so that approximately one-third of the professional appointments expire in the same year.

Conflict of Interest

Committee members or their firms shall not be eligible to accept design or major consulting contracts with the University of Washington on any projects during their time on the Committee.