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Capital Planning & Development

Service Request Process

Welcome to the CPD Service Request process.  This process provides a single point of intake for all space-related inquiries or requests and is part of the strategy to more effectively manage University space.

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A single entry point for space requests is needed.  In the UW’s complex physical environment, it can be difficult to determine who should provide services and to respond to the needs of academic units.  The perceived lines between Facilities Services, Capital Projects, Space Planning, Design Services, and Real Estate are often quite blurry.  As a result, administrators and faculty sometimes feel forced to direct their requests to multiple people and in a variety of formats.  Several people can end up working to resolve the same problem with little or no coordination.  This adversely affects response time and leads to confusion and frustration.  The CPD Service Request Process was created to fix these problems.

Process Goals

  • Strengthen Support
  • Improve Solutions
  • Maximize University Resources

Capital Planning & Development is available to work with you in determining your needs. For questions regarding submitting a Service Request, please contact the FS Customer Care Team at or at (206) 221-4302.


A single entry point has been created via a web portal for all requests for additional space, renovations, infrastructure needs, capital projects, building repairs, lease renewals, relocations, planning studies, site improvements, property acquisitions, and remodeling projects. Minor maintenance will continue to be handled through the FS Works work order management system; there are links between the two web portals. Each request will be evaluated upon receipt and routed to the appropriate service provider. 

This flow chart shows the single entry point process.

CPD Service Request Process flow chart

Space Strategy Team

Requests that can benefit from a multi-disciplinary approach or need some clarification will be routed to the Space Strategy Team to ensure University resources can be optimized and coordinated. The Space Strategy Team is made up of leadership from all the functional units within Capital Planning & Development and a member of the Facilities Services team. This team meets every other week to review all requests that require clarification or a more strategic approach. The goal is to align expectations about space utilization, funding, and scope, so the requests can proceed in a straight forward manner. The team also reviews projects and requests as the process moves forward as necessary to prevent them from “getting stuck” or “falling through the cracks”. This multi-disciplinary approach is designed to yield more effective management of the University’s resources.

New Projects

For any new project, we ask that you complete the web-based CPD Service Request Form to provide the following information:

1. Project Title Name of project
2. Description Brief description of project including scope of work, programmatic use, and desired location. If new space, indicate plan for re-use or release of current space.
3. Goals/Objectives Describe the purpose for the project, why it is needed, anticipated benefits and outcomes, risks, issues, opportunities, and alternatives considered.
4. Project Type New, Remodel, Renovation, or Replacement
5. Square Feet (ASF/GSF) Estimated size of building or total area affected by the project.
6. Estimated Project Cost Provide source and date of estimate.
7. Year Needed Indicate when the project is needed to be complete or occupied.
8. Proposed Fund Source Indicate anticipate sources and amount of each type of funding: state, local unit or central funds, donor or grant funds, and/or debt funds. If debt funds, indicate source of fund to repay loan.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of projects use this process? See “Project Types” list below for a list of projects that will use this process. 

Who should use/complete the form? Department Administrators or authorized staff should submit a Service Request Form. The Dean, Vice President, or Vice Provost of your unit will receive a copy of each submission. Please do not submit the form without prior approval from your unit’s leadership. 

Will Project Tracker continue to be used for construction projects? Yes – after you initiate the process by submitting a Service Request Form, your request will be entered into Project Tracker where you can review the status of your request moving forward. From this point on the process and contacts will remain the same. 

Will UW Real Estate space request (SR) and renewal request (RR) forms continue to be used? No – the Service Request Form is used for all space and renewal requests from UWRE. Once you submit the request, the information will be sent to UWRE and their staff will contact you to continue the process. 

What is the purpose of the Space Strategy Team (SST)? The Space Strategy Team was created to respond to a TAP (Transforming Administration Program) initiative to streamline space requests and ensure efficiency in responding to those requests. It is a cross-functional team, including representatives from all of CPD, intended to ensure the optimal use of resources and the most effective delivery. The SST will review requests and follow-up as necessary to ensure proper alignment of funding, space assignment and expectations at the outset. This early alignment will expedite the requests and implementation. The SST meets twice a month - every other week. 

Whom can I contact for more information? Questions and comments can be sent to the FS Customer Care Team at or call (206) 221-4302. 

Project Types

  • Building Repair or Upgrade (>$90,000)
  • Campus Infrastructure (parking, physical plant, building systems, utilities)
  • Campus Planning Study
  • Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure
  • Interior remodeling or Reconfiguration (Design Services)
  • Relocation Planning
  • New Building or Major Renovation – Predesign, Assessment or Feasibility Study
  • New Building or Major Renovation – Design and Construction
  • Property Acquisition or Disposition
  • Site Improvements (landscaping, roads and pathways, signage, lighting)
  • Site Selection
  • Space Requests – Lease (new, renewals, expansions or relocations)
  • Space Requests – New (on-campus or off-campus)
  • Space Requests – Reassignment or Repurpose
  • Tenant Improvements (leased space)
  • Other