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Capital Planning & Development

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Service request process

The Customer Care Team serves the University community by providing a single point of contact for all services within Capital Planning & Development and UW Facilities. Our mission is to improve customer experiences through stakeholder advocacy and effective communication. For questions about new or existing service requests, please contact us.

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Service catalog

  • Building Repair or Upgrade (>$90,000)
  • Campus Infrastructure (parking, physical plant, building systems, utilities)
  • Campus Planning Study
  • Capital Budget Setup
  • Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure
  • Leased Space – New Request
  • Leased Space – Renewal
  • Leased Space – Tenant Improvements
  • Minor Capital Request
  • New Building or Major Renovation
  • Property Acquisition
  • Property Disposition
  • Relocation Planning
  • Site Improvements (landscaping, roads and pathways, signage, lighting)

For all other services, visit our campus partner, UW Facilities.

New requests should be approved by the requesting department’s leadership prior to the request being submitted. Requests may only be submitted by administrators with an authorized account. Accounts may be requested by contacting the Customer Care Team.

Information to identify prior to submitting a request includes:

  1. Contact information - Information for the primary project point of contact (if different than the requested submitter)
  2. Dean/VP contact information - The Dean, Vice President or Vice Provost of your unit will receive a copy of the initial service request email receipt
  3. Description - Describe the purpose for the project, why it is needed, anticipated benefits and outcomes, risks, issues, opportunities and alternatives considered
  4. Desired completion date - Include term length (if applicable in the case of a lease or space request, etc.)
  5. Space needs - Number of persons using the space or quantity of space needed
  6. Projected cost/value - Total cost should include all aspects of the project and serve as a guideline for your budget allowance
  7. Funding source - Indicate anticipated sources and amount of each type of funding, i.e.: state, local unit or central funds, donor or grant funds, and/or debt funds. If debt funds, indicate source of fund to repay loan.
  8. Budget number - Will be collected later in project development if not know upon initiation

After submitting a new request, you will receive a confirmation email. Once submitted, a Customer Care Specialist will review and assign your request to the appropriate service provider within one business day. You will receive a confirmation email including information about next steps and a link to view your service request online.