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Capital Planning & Development

Real Estate Facts

Leased Properties

The University of Washington leases 2.2 million square feet as a tenant in a variety of locations around the world, mostly in Seattle, for purposes such as office, laboratory and storage. 

Owned Properties

Property Acres Owned
Seattle Campus (Seattle, WA) 643
UW Tower Properties (Seattle, WA) 5.6
Sand Point (Seattle, WA) 12.3
Tacome Campus (Tacoma, WA) 31
Bothell Campus (Bothell, WA) 127
Metropolitan Tract (Downtown Seattle, WA) 11
University President's REsidence (Seattle, WA) 1.4
Big Beef Creek (Seabeck, WA) 400
Olympic National Resources Center (Forks, WA) 40
Pack Forest (near Eatonville, WA) 4,271
Lee Forest (Snohomish, WA) 160
Friday Harbor Labs (San Juan Island, WA) 484
Argyle Lagon (San Juan Island, WA) 15
False Bay (San Juan Island, WA) 276
Cedar Rock Preserve (Shaw Island, WA) 15
Ellis Biological Preserve (Shaw Island, WA) 579
Alaska Research Lands (SW of Anchorage, AK) 2