Leasing Space from UW

  • UW Seattle Campus
    Contact Gary Eng, UWRE Asset Manager at 206-616-3415 (geng@uw.edu)

  • UW Bothell Campus
    Contact Gary Eng, UWRE Asset Manager at 206-616-3415 (geng@uw.edu).
    For general information see UW Bothell Campus.

  • UW Tacoma Campus
    Contact Ben Mauk, Real Estate Manager, UW Tacoma at 253-692-4331 (bmaukl@uw.edu).
    For general information see UW Tacoma Campus.

  • Boat Street Marina
    Contact Steven Agnew, Boat Street Marina Manager at 206-634-2050(boatstreetmarina@hotmail.com).

  • UW Metropolitan Tract
    Leasing information for the Metropolitan Tract can be found here.

  • Other
    Contact the UWRE Office at 206-616-3400 (uwreo@uw.edu).

Access to UW Property

For access including rights of entry, permits and easements contact UWRE (uwreo@uw.edu

Renting Space for Conferences, Meetings, Special Events, Filming