Office, Clinic, Lab, Warehouse

UWRE is responsible for all aspects of leasing space off-campus for University departments: finding, negotiating, drafting, legal, signing, managing tenant improvements, administration, payments and recharging departmental budgets.

Departmental responsibilities: Submit request in CPD Services Portal, coordinate with UWRE, obtain school or college approval, provide evidence of ability to pay.

For further information contact Rada Bounyarith-Hall, UWRE Leasing Manager at 206-616-0842 (

UWRE continues supporting UW departments in leased space after the lease is signed and the space is occupied. For property management and tenant services questions please contact UWRE Tenant Services Manager, Ben Newton ( or visit Tenant Services.


For departmental needs for traveling or visiting faculty under 2 months please contact UW Travel

For departmental needs for traveling or visiting faculty over 2 months contact UWRE Leasing Manager Rada Bounyarith-Hall at 206-616-0842 (


For information on international leasing contact Ron Oestreich, UWRE Contracts Manager, 206-616-3416 ( Also see Global Operations Support

Renewing or Terminating a Lease

UWRE will send a reminder email approximately12 months (3 months for a short term lease) prior to the lease expiration date. The email will have instructions for renewing or terminating the lease including a link to the CPD Service Request Form.

Paying Rent

UWRE pays rent to landlords and then charges the appropriate UW departmental budget. For more information on rent payments or other accounting matters for leased space, contact Andrew Fenzl, UWRE Accounting Manager at 206-616-3750 (

CPD Service Request Form

Please complete a Service Request Form at the CPD Services Portal to start the leasing process for all types of off-campus space. The request will be reviewed by the CPD Intake Manager and the Space Strategy Team and then assigned to UWRE staff for action.

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