Lander Hall

The new Lander Hall residential hall will be an eight-story building, including five stories of housing consisting of 2 bedroom private bathroom suites. The lower two floors will house the regional desk, mail boxes for the west campus housing community, commercial kitchen, dining areas, and loading dock.  A below grade loading dock with an entrance off of Lincoln Way will support building service functions, parking and future expansion to Terry Hall. The new Lander Hall will total approximately 220,000 square feet with 650 beds. Construction began in August 2012 with the dining and lower two floors open September 2013 and the residential levels open November 2013.


Terry and Maple Halls



The Maple and Terry Halls project includes the demolition of the existing Terry Hall and 1101 Café/(Center)  building and construction of two new buildings for student housing on the Terry Hall and Center building sites.  The new eight-story buildings will include five stories of housing consisting of 2 and 1 bedroom suites with private bathrooms.  The lower two floors of each building will be occupied with Housing and Food Services administration offices, common space for students, and some additional 2 bedroom suites.  A below-grade parking garage connected to the Lander Hall garage and the Lander Hall loading dock will extend below both the new Maple and Terry residence halls.

The two new residential buildings will be named Maple Hall and Terry Hall.  The buildings  will be approximately 440,000 square feet with a target bed count of 1150.  Construction will consist of five stories of wood frame above a concrete plinth with below-grade parking.  The number of parking spaces is dependent on the extent of excavation, either above or below-grade, which will be determined during design.  The Project schedule consists of the design phase to be complete in Sept 2013 with construction scheduled to begin in January 2014.  Construction completion and occupancy are scheduled to occur July, 2015.

Milestone Construction Schedule

Begin Construction:                               Maple and Terry Halls January 2014

Construction Complete/Occupancy:    July 2015