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Process Partners

The Process Partners team focuses on early identification of potential project issues as well as opportunities to coordinate or combine work in the interest of better resource management.  The group includes representation from EH&S, UWIT, Campus Planning, Environmental Planning, Historic Preservation, Campus Engineering, and others, as needed.

Once a project has been assigned, project managers attend a Process Partners session to kickoff the coordination effort.


Campus Land Use Coordination

Working with the Attorney General's Office, CPD coordinates all land use activities for all campuses and outstations. This coordination occasionally includes complex legal issues.  As many of these issues overlap and are applicable to each campus and in multiple situations, careful in-house management of this information helps us meet our goal of reducing costs to the University while providing the best service possible to our clients.

Land use and SEPA-related questions should be directed to the University Environmental Planner, who will work with applicable departments to determine if questions/issues can be responded to by either the planner and/or the AG’s office.  Please have available:  a brief project description, budget number, lead client contact, a “not to exceed amount” and the questions and/or issues as they are understood. 

If the determination is made to enlist outside help, the AG’s Office will assist.