Finding Classrooms and Offices. Faster. Easier.

Navigator is a free web service that helps people get around the UW Seattle campus. Using either a mobile device or desktop computer, Navigator provides pedestrian navigation to find classrooms, offices, restrooms, hallways, and other important points of interest.

Open Beta Testing Through September 26th

Help guide the look, feel, and function of Navigator by taking part in the summer beta testing period. 


  • Working places: search and navigate to the places where learning and research happen.  Navigator lets you search by building names, building acronyms, and room numbers.  
  • Expanding results: search for over 14,000 offices, classrooms, labs, buildings and other destinations
  • Reimagine the schedule: plan your classroom to appointment walking times using walk-time estimates
  • Lift off: get to the top without stairs by turning on the ‘Avoid Stairs’ toggle before searching for directions
  • Search for rooms using location codes on your class schedule
  • See your location in real-time

How to use Navigator

  1. Pull up the website on your favorite browser - mobile or desktop

  2. Type in the search box a building and room you want to go to

  3. Click the hiker icon, set your location, and get directions

Other UW Mapping Tools

Still curious? There's almost always a map for that. Here are other University sponsored Mapping websites:

  • Scout Find major services and study spaces

  • AccessMap: View barrier free pathways and entrances across the Seattle campus

  • Campus Maps: Locate parking lot, building, and department links

  • Space Viewer: View, analyze, and print building floor plans (NetID required)