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Campus Landscape Framework


The Value of the Campus Landscape and the Purpose of the Campus Landscape Framework

The University of Washington Seattle Campus is a work of art and science, and an historic artifact of national significance; it represents a magnificent investment of cultural values, dollars and expert labor. The campus landscape is an important part of the “Husky promise”; our charge is to be excellent stewards of this important place, conserving the legacy and encouraging growth so that it may continue to serve future generations of students, faculty, staff and visitors.

In order to continue to fulfill its necessary role, the landscape needs to be guided by thoughtful stewardship. The University of Washington Campus Landscape Framework Plan (UWCLF) articulates a vision and goals for the campus landscape. The CLF is focused on sustaining the legacy, reinforcing the character and identity, strengthening the value of the UW campus landscape. Recognizing that a landscape is a living system that grows, evolves, and transforms on an almost daily basis, the CLF recommendations are based on the current landscape, anticipated foreseeable changes in the future, and longer-term aspirations. Strategic landscape planning will need to be matched with innovative landscape funding to achieve this vision.


Campus Landscape Framework Chapters 

The Campus Landscape Framework is organized into 8 chapters that evaluate the campus landscape from its beginning, in 1904 when the initial site clearing began, to today.  Each chapter uses a different lens for evaluating the campus, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of the historic and existing campus-wide systems that are critical to its function as an academic resource, public place, and environmental service.  The Framework breaks down the landscape into its unique pieces or "mosaics" that are defined and used for defining the long-term landscape framework for the University of Washington's Seattle campus.  


Campus Landscape Framework - Full Document

For your convenience, the Campus Landscape Framework can also be viewed on ISSUU


For more information about the Campus Landscape Framework, please contact:

Kristine Kenney
University Landscape Architect
Office of Planning & Budgeting
UW Tower, T-12 Box 359445 Seattle, WA 98195-9445
PH: 206 685-6430
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