Interpreting the Campus

UW Architectural, Landscape, and Art Audio Program and Self-Guided Tours

TOUR ONE                                                TOUR TWO

The UW Architecture, Landscape, and Art Audio Program occurs through the discovery of signs in the landscape which allow travelers on campus to call a phone number and hear stories about our unique campus. Staff and faculty critical to the physical development of our campus were interviewed to help pull together interesting facts, narratives and anecdotes about campus buildings, landscape, art and history. 

The program launched with nine locations and has grown to eighteen locations. Popular locations can become quasi-permanent while other locations can change to keep the program fresh. Illustrious speakers include President Michael Young, Provost Ana Mari Cauce, Campus Architect Rebecca Barnes and others.

Add to your experience and knowledge of this campus in any of these ways: Walk around campus and discover the signs, print out and read the two  walkable tour brochures, and/or click on the two maps below to read the stories on your computer. Enjoy!