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Real Estate

What we do

UW Real Estate (UWRE) is responsible for asset management of a large portfolio of primarily off campus properties including the downtown Metropolitan Tract, as well as providing a diverse range of services including leasing office, clinic, residential and other space both locally and internationally; purchase and sale of property; granting and obtaining access rights; and acceptance, management and sale of gifts of real property to the University.

Quick facts

Leased properties

The University leases approximately 2.2 million square feet of space for multiple purposes in a variety of locations, primarily in Seattle, Washington.

Owned properties

Seattle Campus (Seattle, WA) 643
UW Tower Properties (Seattle, WA) 5.6
Sand Point (Seattle, WA) 12.3
Tacoma Campus (Tacoma, WA) 31
Bothell Campus (Bothell, WA) 127
Metropolitan Tract (Downtown Seattle, WA) 11
Presidents Residence (Seattle, WA) 1.4
Big Beef Creek (Seabeck, WA) 400
Olympic National Resources Center (Forks, WA) 40
Pack Forest (near Eatonville, WA) 4,271
Lee Forest (Snohomish, WA) 160
Friday Harbor Labs (San Juan Island,WA) 484
Argyle Lagoon (San Juan Island,WA) 15
False Bay (San Juan Island,WA) 276
Cedar Rock Preserve (Shaw Island, WA) 390
Ellis Biological Preserve (Shaw Island,WA) 579
Alaska research lands (SW of Anchorage, AK) 2

Donating property to the UW

If you would like to donate real property to the University, please see Planned Giving or contact the Office of Gift Planning at

UWRE assists with the acceptance of gifts of real property. An evaluation is conducted to ensure a meaningful gift will result and that the University and the donor share an understanding about the prospects for disposition of the property. After the gift is accepted by the University, UWRE handles property management and sale of the property.

For more information contact Gary Eng, UWRE Asset Manager at 206-616-3415 (

Selling property to the UW

If you wish to sell property to UW, please email

Administrative authority

UWRE exercises its responsibilities under delegation of authority from the UW Board of Regents, Administrative Orders, and policies of the University. Learn more here:

Contact us

Jeanette Henderson
Executive Director, UW Real Estate