CPD Service Request Process – Most projects begin with posting on UW Project Tracker.  Project Tracker is a University-wide web-based system.  It enables  administrators and designated staff to create project ideas, request service from University Service Providers and acknowledge project completion. 

A single entry point has been created via a web portal for all requests for additional space, renovations, infrastructure needs, capital projects, building repairs, lease renewals, relocations, planning studies, site improvements, property acquisitions, and remodeling projects.  Minor maintenance will continue to be handled through the FS Works work order management system; there are links between the two web portals.  Each request will be evaluated upon receipt and routed to the appropriate service provider. 

CPD Service Request Online Form

Getting Started:  Project Tracker routes all projects requiring CPD action.  A planner or project manager is assigned and the project is entered into PM Wed.  This information can be accesses by consultants, contractors and CPD staff.  It ensures one entry for all CPD Projects and is part of the strategy to more effectively manage University space.

The first step in the process is a review by the Space Strategy Team

Requests that can benefit from a multi-disciplinary approach or need some clarification are routed to the Space Strategy Team to ensure University resources can be optimized and coordinated.  The Space Strategy Team is made up of leadership from all the functional units within Capital Planning and Development and a member of the Facilities Services team.  This team meets every other week to review all requests that require clarification or a more strategic approach.  The goal is to align expectations about space utilization, funding, and scope, so the requests can proceed in a straight forward manner.  The team also reviews projects and requests as the process moves forward as necessary to prevent them from “getting stuck” or “falling through the cracks”.  This multi-disciplinary approach is designed to yield more effective management of the University’s resources. 

In the UW’s complex physical environment, it can be difficult to determine who should provide services and to respond to the needs of academic units.  The perceived lines between Facilities Services, Capital Projects, Space Planning, Design Services, and Real Estate are often quite blurry.  As a result, administrators and faculty sometimes feel forced to direct their requests to multiple people and in a variety of formats.  Several people can end up working to resolve the same problem with little or no coordination.  This adversely affects response time, and lead to confusion and frustration.  The CPD Service Request Process was created to fix these problems.

Process Goals:

  • Strengthen Support
  • Improve Solutions
  • Maximize University Resources

Capital Planning & Development is available to work with you in determining your needs.  For questions regarding submitting a Service Request, please contact the FS Customer Care Team at cpd-intake@uw.edu or at (206) 221-4302. 

Process Partners – CPD coordinates with our University Process Partners (Environmental Health and Safety, UW Information Technology, Campus Planning, environmental planning/critical areas, CAD, historic preservation, Haz Mat, etc.)  is critical to ensure early identification of: issues and concerns; project staff assignments; other or similar projects which require coordination; and inform each unit of up coming projects to manage workloads and ensure projects meet budget and schedule requirements.  Process Partners brings together these critical functions early in the initiation of a project to identify opportunities and constraints, potential requirements, issues, identify team members to work on a project,  identify ongoing projects or other work near or potentially impacted by a project.  Once a project has been assigned, Project Managers schedule a presentation to Process Partners to begin coordination. This critical coordination reduces time, cost and potential delays.


Campus Land Use Coordination - Working with the Attorneys General Office, Capital Planning and Develop strives to coordinate all land use activities at all university campuses and outstations.  Coordination is critical for many reasons.  Consistency is critical within each campus and between each campus.  Land use issues sometimes lead to complex legal issues and it is important to ensure that the Attorneys General Office is used wisely and that the use of Special Assistant Attorneys General (SAAG’s) are used only when absolutely necessary.  It is important to reduce costs while providing the best service possible.  Many issues overlap and are applicable to each campus and in multiple situations.  We learn from each opportunity working with SAAG’s so we do not duplicate questions and responses and can use what we learn in multiple situations.

To ensure this occurs, both CPD and the AG’s office have instituted the following process for the use of SAAG’s regarding land use and SEPA issues.  Questions and issues shall be directed to the University Environmental Planner who will coordinate with applicable departments and the AG’s office to determine if questions/issues can be responded to in house by either the planner and/or the AG’s office.  As the need for SAAG legal assistance arises in connection with a particular projects, key information must be provided:  a brief project description, a budget number, a lead client contact, a “not to exceed amount” and the questions and/or issues as they are understood. 

If the determination is made to enlist SAAG help, the AG’s Office will prepare an assignment letter.