UW Project Tracker (UWPT)

Most projects start with creation in the University-wide web-based system, UW Project Tracker, which enables administrators and designated staff to create project ideas, request services from University service providers and acknowledge project completion.

For more information, contact the UWPT office at (206) 543-5410 or tracker@uw.edu.  Information available to the public can be accessed via the UWPT Public Site: Project Tracker

CPD Project Intake

UW Project Tracker (UWPT) routes to CPD all projects requiring CPD action.  CPD Intake then processes the project, assigning a Project Manager and entering the project information into PMWeb--which can then be accessed by consultants, contractors and CPD staff to manage the project.

For more information, contact CPD Intake at (206) 221-4302 or cpd-intake@uw.edu

Design Services

To utilize Design Services, contact DS Manager, Mark Miller at (206) 221-3959 or mkmiller@uw.edu or DS Secretary Senior, Betsy Anderson at (206) 221-4301 or betsya@uw.edu.

We work with process partners (Facilities Services and Purchasing) to provide service to University clients.  We have included the appropriate web links to help you determine which Department will best meet your needs.  If you have questions, please contact our office so we may provide assistance.

Please also refer to the UW Policy on Alterations to Campus Buildings and Grounds.  This policy defines individual and departmental responsibility regarding facility alterations.  To ensure adherence to regulatory requirements for health and safety, the construction, maintenance and renovation of University facilities shall not be performed by non-facilities staff, student or volunteers.  There is a matrix, found at the end of the policy, to guide interested persons to the appropriate resources.


For more information on closed projects, please contact Capital Planning and Development:

Mailing Address

University of Washington
Capital Planning and Development
Box 352205
Seattle, WA 98195-2205


Office:  (206) 543-5200  
Fax:     (206) 543-1277