CPD Project Safety Improvement Committee

The CPD Central Safety Committee was formed in 2002 to help support the overall goals of zero injuries.  Membership of the committee consists of the AVP, Project Directors, and CPD Construction Managers.  The name of the committee was changed in January of 2008 to more accurately describe the goals of the committee.

We believe that we can reduce the number of injuries suffered on our projects by:

  • exploring contracting strategies
  • developing and implementing effective policies and procedures
  • exploring safety in design
  • selecting contractors recognized as industry leaders
  • working with contractors to support safe work practices
  • observing day-to-day activities
  • communicating lessons learned from incidents that have occurred

The committee meets on a monthly basis to discuss project incidents and explore successful methods for reducing contractor injuries.  Active subcommittees working toward the same goals have been formed.  These committees are:

  • Incident Investigation Subcommittee
  • Contractor Evaluation Subcommittee
  • Contractor Recognition Subcommittee

UW Group 2 Safety Committee

Capital Planning and Development is actively involved with the University of Washington Group 2 Safety Committee.  The University Safety Committee is tasked with addressing the safety and health issues for University employees.  Representatives from many of the Planning and Management organization meet on a monthly basis to discuss injury and incident reports, review and evaluate safety and health inspection reports, review and evaluate accident/illness prevention programs within the various subunits represented by that organizational committee, review safety-related material provided by EH&S and various regulatory government agencies, recommend action and work with the vice chancellor, vice president, dean or director of the organizational unit to resolve health and safety concerns presented to the committee by employees within the organizational unit.  The chair and co-chair of this committee are members of the University Wide Health and Safety Committee.