Capital Planning and Development provides leadership for sustainability to support new construction and renovations on UW campuses. The program includes:

  • Collaboration to assess the sustainability of choices in developing Capital Projects:  Planning; Integrated design; Construction; Renovation; Management; Maintenance; Building commissioning; Support maximum energy and natural resource use reduction.
  • Support in environmental health in Capital Projects development: Protection of environmental quality; Ecologically sensitive site selection and development.
  • Striving to ensure beneficial indoor environmental quality:  Increase the health, welfare, safety, and productivity of occupants in renovations and new construction.  Promote design that enhances beneficial indoor environmental quality.
  • Interface and assistance with sustainability on UW campuses: Operational and academic research initiatives work with regional and national organizations related to high performance buildings.
  • Support life-cycle cost analysis: Implementation of relative costs and benefits of UW buildings and Capital Projects.

LEED Accredited Professionals

CPO has project managers and associate construction managers who have passed the US Green Building Council (USGBC) examination and are LEED accredited professionals.  Through CPO University, staff and clients are trained on many aspects of sustainable construction, including LEED training.  The UW has over 35 LEED accredited professionals on staff.

UW Sustainability Map


LEED Green Associate Training Material