Capital Planning & Development (CPD) was created to optimize the University’s physical assets as a means to support and inspire students, faculty, staff and all who visit the University’s campuses and use its services.  Capital Planning & Development, led by Mike McCormick, was created by merging the Capital Projects Office, Office of the University Architect and UW Real Estate.  Rather than simply combine these offices, CPD is organizing into critical functional areas of Capital Planning, Real Estate, University Architect, Business Services, Special Capital Projects and Major Capital Projects to provide better and integrated communication, planning, project delivery, and client service.  In an environment where potential costs and client expectations continue to rise, CPD will strive to provide effective cross-functionality and a better alignment of services, while reinforcing a culture of sustainability, safety, business diversity, and value-driven solutions.

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CPD EXECUTIVE TEAM - led by Michael McCormick


CAPITAL & SPACE MANAGEMENT - led by Steve Kennard

A strategic approach to capital planning is the first step in the successful execution of projects.  Using an analytical process, the capital plan, project budgets, and space allocation will be aligned with available resources.  Capital Planning, previously part of the Office of the University Architect, reports directly to the Associate Vice President of CPD and work in close coordination with all CPD units, University Administration and academic leaders and units, to successfully set the stage for projects and initiatives that can be fully executed. Capital & Space Management includes important services to establish benchmarking and space data to support and inform capital planning and space management decisions.  They include the MAPS Team (Mapping Assets Properties and Spaces), the One GIS project and GeoSims.


UNIVERSITY ARCHITECT - led by Rebecca Barnes

The integration of all facets of physical planning is critical to CPD’s ability to create value.  All physical planning efforts are focused in this office, including the campus master plan, landscape planning, environmental planning, academic facilities planning, space planning, preservation planning, and sustainability planning.  The office also supports the Architectural Commission, Landscape Advisory Committee, and the Design Review Board – to ensure continuity, advancement, and commitment to design and planning goals established at the outset of each project.


REAL ESTATE - led by Todd Timberlake

Through strategic asset management and comprehensive services (leasing, donating, buying, selling and access to property information), Real Estate will help advance the University’s mission regarding both on and off-campus space at all campuses, research stations and off-campus properties.  Integrating a financially sound real estate strategy that aligns with the University’s strategic vision will become a focus as will the management and analysis of both on and off-campus space as an asset. 


BUSINESS SERVICES - led by Alan Nygaard

Proactive application of best management practices and coordination of critical business support services ensures that CPD meets its Guiding Outcomes.  Business Services encompasses Safety, Business Equity, Sustainability, Contracting, Project Controls, Accounting, and Information Technology. Business Services strives to reduce duplication of services, standardize our business practices and help ensure implementation of best practices.



Through coordination with Facilities Services and academic units, Special Capital Projects focuses on improving the delivery of small projects. Design Services is integrated into this team to help streamline the delivery process. Special Projects employs benchmarking standards and other best practices to provide cost-effective and timely project implementation. Design Services has experience in building remodels, laboratories, classrooms, auditoriums, and offices. They offer the following services: interior design, architectural design, mechanical/electrical engineering, ADA survey and mapping, as-build record documentation, floor plans/lease areas and move management.



Through project and construction management services, Major Capital Projects delivers all major projects.  The team consistently employs industry best practices, develops innovative project tools and best-in-class project and construction managers to ensure projects are completed efficiently and provide high value to the University.



Internal and external communication and oversight of strategic initiatives is critical to CPD’s success. Providing tools and training enables leadership to focus on staff, projects and achievement of CPD’s Guiding Outcomes.  Coordinating with broader initiatives in Planning & Management will ensure consistency across the administration.  Interim responsibilities including SEPA Responsible Official, regulatory coordination, and work with UW Community and Regional Affairs will transition to the Office of the University Architect over time.



The SST was created to respond to a University TAP (Transforming Administration Program) initiative to streamline space requests and ensure efficiency in responding to those requests.  This is a cross-functional team, including representatives from all of CPD, created to ensure the optimal use of resources and the most effective delivery.  A web portal initiates all requests.  The SST reviews requests and provides follow-up as necessary to ensure proper alignment of funding, space assignment and expectations at the outset.  This early alignment will expedite the requests and implementation.