Landscape in Motion
UW's Campus Landscape Framework


October 20, 2014
Symposium - 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Alder Hall
Reception - 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm, Gould Hall


UW’s Office of the University Architect invites you to join usfor a day-long symposium featuring considerations of campus planning, design and implementation in creating and stewarding great campus settings. The occasion is the release of the UW’s Campus Landscape Framework. Internationally recognized campus landscape planners and designers will share their experience and observations on the power of the campus landscape in the 21st century in setting the stage for the daily life of the institution, and as a supporting actor in carrying out its mission and identity.



8:00-8:30             Registration

8:30-9:00             Welcome & Overview

                              Paul Jenny

                              Kristine Kenney

9:00-noon           The Campus Setting: Collaboration & Investment in the Landscape

              The University Campus, Laurie Olin

              The Foundation Campus, Shannon Nichol

              The Urban Campus, Mauricio Villarreal

                              Open Discussion

Noon-1:30           Lunch Break

1:45-2:45             The City as Campus Setting & Collaborative Partner

               Ken Greenberg

2:45-3:00              Coffee Break

3:00-5:00              Campus in Motion: UW’s Campus Landscape Framework

                                Campus Landscape Framework Overview, Matthew Urbanski

                                Panel Discussion, Thaisa Way & Rebecca Barnes, Moderators; Linda Jewell, Barbara Swift, Matthew Urbanski

                                Open Discussion

5:00-7:00              Reception in Gould Hall


Hosted by

Paul Jenny, Vice Provost for Planning Budgeting

Rebecca Barnes, University Architect & Associate Vice Provost for Campus & Capital Planning

Kristine Kenney, University Landscape Architect

Thaisa Way, Associate Professor, College of Built Environments


Distinguished Speakers

Laurie Olin, OLIN

Shannon Nichol, Gustafson Guthrie Nichol

Mauricio Villarreal, PLACE Studio

Ken Greenberg, Greenberg Associates

Barbara Swift, Swift Company LLC

Matthew Urbanski, Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

Linda Jewell, UC Berkeley



The Value of the Campus Landscape and the Purpose of the Campus Landscape Framework

The University of Washington’s Seattle campus supports and catalyzes the university community’s interactions, creativity, connections, and communication – it is both legacy and endowment.  The campus landscape is a major contributor to the social, academic, and civic life of the university and the surrounding community. Although the campus landscape is already a source of pride based on the uniqueness and drama of its physical beauty, and its strong sense of place, the visual, functional, pedagogical, and ecological character of the campus could be enhanced in a number of places to better serve the university community and the City of Seattle

In order to continue to fulfill its necessary role, the landscape needs to be guided by thoughtful stewardship.  The University of Washington Campus Landscape Framework Plan (UWCLF) will confirm and articulate a vision and goals for the campus landscape.  The CLF is focused on sustaining the legacy, reinforcing the character and identity, strengthening the value of the UW campus landscape.  Recognizing that a landscape is a living system that grows, evolves, and transforms on an almost daily basis, the CLF recommendations are based on the current landscape, anticipated foreseeable changes in the future, and longer-term aspirations.  The CLF will offer flexible design, programmatic, and operations and maintenance direction to developments in the campus landscape.

Strategic landscape planning will need to be matched with innovative landscape funding to achieve this vision, which might include multiple stand-alone landscape projects.  In order to achieve the community-wide benefits outlined in this framework, the university will need to consider a variety of options in the way that it initiates landscape projects.  For instance, there may be a number of stand-alone renewal projects and new landscapes that should be considered, in order to help attract greater numbers of people to underutilized areas of campus, or to improve underperforming spaces on the historic campus.   When landscape projects that are triggered by architectural or infrastructural projects, they should be undertaken with an understanding of their impact on the continuous landscape systems of the campus.  Similarly, specialized program that has a high impact on the landscape, for instance ecological restorations, transportation coordination, or sports facilities, should be designed to be an integrated part of the campus experience.

The CLF links landscape improvements to concurrent UW and City of Seattle initiatives, including the UW Climate Change Action Plan, the City of Seattle Shoreline Management Plan, and the UW Department of Transportation’s bicycle ridership plan to encourage reciprocal benefits.


For more information about the Campus Landscape Framework, please contact:

Kristine Kenney
University Landscape Architect
Office of Planning & Budgeting
UW Tower, T-12 Box 359445 Seattle, WA 98195-9445
PH: 206 685-6430
FAX: 206 543-1277